IR Global London 2018 – see you there

The October IR Global London conference will be hosted in our hometown of London next month. Paul Beare and our latest team member, Glenda Tickle – will be in attendance. Glenda joined our firm earlier this year having recently been a victim of the RBS branch closures. She is our newly created Relationship Manager – among other responsibilities, a main focus is banking support for our clients.

The theme

The theme of the conference this year is ‘communication’. An old adage “Communication is Key,” comes to mind.

We impress on our clients that, “we can’t help you, unless you tell us what you are trying to achieve”. Our knowledge as advisors goes far beyond general accounting and legal support. It is our collaborative approach that puts us ahead of our competitors. When opening a bank account for example; one of our competitors introduces the bank by email, (and charges for the email introduction!) then steps back and lets the client liaise directly with the bank. We provide a full end-to-end process of form completion and relationship management. For, we are not just (!) accountants.

IR Member to Member referral

Over the previous 12 months, the working relationship and cross referrals among IR members has been paramount to our clients’ success.

A New Zealand based client was explaining to us their European plans, that included a need to have support in The Netherlands for employment contracts, bank accounts and entity setup. Leveraging the pre-existing relationship with a Netherlands based member meant the client was able to setup successfully, including an acquisition of a competitor operating in the same market! A happy client operating in a new territory.

About us

Our firm focusses on overseas companies operating in the UK. Entity formation and registration together with bank account opening and on-going support covering a variety of functions. Paul is very active among the group and co-heads the IR Global Corporate Services group. For further information to get in touch to assist with your, or your clients business expansion into the UK and further.