Ease of doing business survey

The UK’s place in the world is under a spotlight at the moment. It’s not just Brexit – although that thorny question is dominating much discussion in offices, pubs and dinner tables across the country. The UK is also wrestling with what kind of country it wants to be – aligned with Europe or more focused on emerging markets? It is also constantly balancing the need for effective business regulation with the freedom to start and grow a business without too much burdensome red tape.

And despite the shouts and jeers from either side – exiting the EU will leave the UK isolated from the world’s major trading blocs on the one hand; a UK outside Europe will in fact create a free trading powerhouse – the fact remains that the ease of doing business in the UK is a big part of the country’s success.

And for businesses looking to set up or expand into the UK, it’s a measure that has real significance. That’s the why the recent World Bank survey ranking the world’s countries on the ease of starting and growing a business is big news.

And the good news, no matter what your political persuasion, is that the UK remains one of the best places in the world to do business.

A look at this snapshot reveals where exactly the UK scores the best in the detailed aspects of business. For those starting a business, the UK is truly a hotspot, ranked 18th in the world for the ease of set up. The World Bank measured a number of metrics in this area, including the number of actions needed to get started, the time taken to complete them, and the cost to start ups to tick all the boxes. They included the time taken to complete application form IN01 and file for registration with Companies House; registering for PAYE; registering for VAT and signing up for employer’s liability insurance as the four basic tenets of getting up and running.

Clearly, the UK is open for business – but of course as every business owner knows, the devil is in the detail. Ask any of the team at Paul Beare Ltd and they will tell you that the work required to get your business up and running can sometimes be tricky, whether that’s payrollemployment law, tax, banking or company formation.

Navigating those tricky waters can sometimes be difficult, and it’s partly why Paul Beare Ltd has become one of the first ports of call for overseas businesses who are keen to set up in the UK. Paul and his team know exactly where the pain points can be and how to keep the ship sailing.

They are also experts in helping out with the ongoing issues a growing business can face, and are able to work alongside their clients as both a trusted adviser and a supplier of key services, from accounting to pension schemes.

So if you are thinking of setting up a UK entity, no matter how big or small, then contact Paul Beare and start your British success story.