PB Ltd launches in New Zealand

We are pleased to announce that as part of our efforts to further support our clients, we have established our APAC presence in New Zealand.  

The establishment of PB  Ltd in the southern hemisphere comes in the wake of substantial growth for the company, that has coincided with Paul Beare himself being based in New Zealand to establish the new entity. 

Coupled with this expansion, we are also pleased to welcome Deborah Apps to the team. As a UK-qualified Chartered Accountant based in NZ she will support most of our New Zealand and Australia based clients. Deborah is well versed with the Aoteroa lifestyle, having lived in Queenstown for the previous decade.  

“I’m thrilled to expand our presence to New Zealand, a place which has been very close to my heart for personal reasons over the many years I have been visiting,” Paul Beare says.  

“Deborah joining the team means we are able to provide a worldwide support strategy, as we continue to grow alongside our clients.” 

“After first visiting NZ almost 15 years ago, I never thought to be spending so much time here, not to mention building a team in both the UK and NZ. Deborah’s arrival signals the strong growth and continued demand for our services, underpinned by a dynamic and synergistic team. From classically trained opera singer through to an ex-Olympian, we really do have a diverse team ready to support our clients expand into the UK and grow.”  

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