Paul Beare Travels To IR Global Washington Event

As the world returns to something resembling like normality, for the members of the IR Global network, May marks a significant month. On Tuesday May 10th the latest On the Road event hits Washington DC.  

The event, which will bring together member firms from across the world, is open to all IR Global 
across all practice areas and jurisdictions. This unique mix of viewpoints and professional experience provides a rich environment for learning, debate and vigorous discussions as well as the opportunity to develop business relationships and lifelong friendships.  

For Paul Beare the event represents another milestone in the growth of his international accounting business Paul Beare Ltd. Currently based in New Zealand, Paul’s extensive network of contacts stretches from the UK, US, Europe and across to Aus/NZ.  

“These on the Road events are a vital part of the IR Global story, in that they give members a chance to come together and network,” Paul says. “We get the chance to see old friends and make new contacts within the IR community. And the Washington event should be well attended as members get back to genuine face to face interaction.”  

As part of that, Paul is co-chairing the Corporate Services breakout session. Billed as a chance to bring together professionals in accounting, law and other advisory services, the session will look a number of issues, including:   

  • Reconnecting the World – an open forum. We would like to use the first half of the session to reconnect and establish relationships with other members who we haven’t seen for some time 
  • Hybrid Working and the International Workforce – what are the challenges, management structures, and how does the hybrid environment impact on your business if personnel are overseas 

 As co-chair, Paul will be making sure the assembled guests get the chance to hold forth on the challenges they face, from maintaining morale across remote teams, managing client relationships in a turbulent world.  

“I’m really looking forward to hosting the session and hearing about the challenges and opportunities my peers are currently grappling with,” Paul says.  

 “There’s no doubt it’s been a challenging few years for lots of people but as our firms grow it’s great to know there’s a network of peers around ready to pass on leads and work together across regions to help our clients.” 

For more information about the support that Paul Beare Ltd offers, please click here.