Bill English attracts attention – New Zealand companies setting up in the UK

The (recently appointed) New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English met with his UK counterpart – Theresa May at 10 Downing Street London yesterday. High on the agenda – New Zealand companies setting up in the UK and what would happen as a result of the UK Brexit move.

May and English have had preliminary conversations of a trade deal, the UK will want to have “quick, easy wins”, once Brexit has occurred.

After their working lunch at 10 Downing Street on Friday, English told a press conference he wants to see a new trade deal concluded “as soon as possible” after the Brexit process is complete.

“We are ready to negotiate a high-quality free trade agreement with the UK when it is in a position to do so. We already have a strong and diversified trading relationship with the UK and a free trade agreement will build on that.” English continued.

This can only serve to support both corners of the globe doing business with each other.

Numerous reasons help New Zealand companies setting up in the UK – a common language, similar business practices and migrating nationals either returning home, or those looking to further their career paths by establishing a UK business. As we all know, there is a large volume of Brits who live in New Zealand too.

English gave May a “Brexit boost” as well as the promise of an early post-Brexit free trade agreement between New Zealand and the UK.

The UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox will be in New Zealand in the coming months for further talks over a deal. This will strengthen the foothold for those UK companies who wish to setup in New Zealand, and as is usual with these overseas trade visits, he will probably be followed by a flurry of UK company’s with NZ expansion interests.

For those New Zealand companies setting up in the UK; the UK remains open for business.



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Both articles published 14 Jan. 17.