Communications: the Next Generation 

The coming revolution in 5G technology is perhaps the biggest trend emerging in the UK business scene for many years. For those unaware, 5G is is the fifth generation of cellular networks, bringing new capabilities that will create opportunities for people, businesses and society. Imagine billions of connected devices gathering and sharing information in real time to reduce road accidents; or life-saving applications that can take flight thanks to lag-free guaranteed connections; or production lines so predictive they can prevent interruptions well before they occur.  

So 5G will be one of the key building blocks of the next wave of digitalisation. Its deployment will enable a large number of use cases in IoT sectors such as healthcare, automotive industries, smart cities and mobile broadband. 5G networks will also deliver high bandwidth and low latency that supports services such as UHD (Ultra High Definition) video streaming. 

The next generation of cellular comms will also provide the data infrastructure not just for the next generation of mobile communications but for serious developments in IoT, including smart cities and AVs (Autonomous Vehicles).  

And it is being supported by a whole new infrastructure that’s being built across the country. Indeed the UK now leads Europe in the rollout of 5G, having built much of the infrastructure already.  

One example of this emerging new 5G ecosystem is Adastral Park in East Anglia, which is home to over 100 international telecoms and tech businesses. It is typical of the kind of facilities that will be needed to support and encourage not only UK businesses but also those from overseas that are looking to develop 5G offerings.  

Some of the key trends include:  

Cyber security urgency 

Keeping data safe is vital as communications evolve. The cost of data breaches is expected to exceed £6trn globally by 2022.  

5G satellite innovation 

BT at Adastral Park is working with partners to design, develop and market software and systems to integrate into 5G networks. This includes satellite-based secure communication technology. The infrastructure here helps businesses take advantage of the satellite revolution, an opportunity worth £203bn. 

Commitment to Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI is a key part of future telecoms infrastructure and projected to be worth £30bn by 2024. The UK government has committed to making the UK a global centre for AI and data-driven innovation. 

A quantum technology future 

Quantum technologies will be a £4.8bn market by 2023. A £315m government funded programme aims to help commercialise these technologies for communication systems. And, Adastral Park is part of the UK Quantum Communications Hub, working on taking proven concepts to market. 

Adastral park represents a new type of cluster for UK technology investment, in that it draws on many of the UK’s strengths in this area, some of which may not seem so obvious to those who view the UK as ‘London… then the rest.’ 

In fact, much of the UK’s knowledge base can be found outside London and the south east, with Cambridge, Belfast, Bristol, Norwich and Cardiff just some of the fastgrowing regional hubs.  

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