Dutch Courage

This year’s IR Global Conference in Amsterdam had as its theme the idea of storytelling, and it was certainly apt. The narrative running through the event was clear: clients’ needs are always evolving, and only by working together to share ideas and insights can practices remain ready to deliver on their promises.

This year’s conference was certainly packed with insight and inspiration,” said Paul Beare, who was attending his eleventh IR Global conference. “It was clear that those operating in the IR network have their hands full in helping their clients”.

“And, once again, the focus was entirely on the needs of the client and asking ourselves whether we have the right service offerings in place to ensure we can help clients no matter what they need.”

On Stage

Paul Beare, who took part in a panel focused on Diversity, says the event provided further confirmation that working together as a network is the key differentiator for IR Global members. “There’s no doubt that many of us there were facing the same issues in our client work – staying ahead of regulation, finding the right talent to keep our offering fresh, fostering innovation and above all meeting the changing needs of a growing range of clients.

Paul along with two other members also recited insightful and personal recollections of their own stories, continuing the theme among this conference of storytelling. These covered diversity, inclusion, race and gender.


IR Global montage


The conference itself

The conference provided the usual mix of useful breakout sessions and keynotes. From Real Estate to Accountancy, M&A and Commercial issues, including tax, IP and disputes, the assembled delegates were able to share best practice across a range of topics and specialisms.

“Certainly, the diversity panel was an indication of the need to stay forward thinking to stay ahead of the game and to tell our stories effectively – clients demand it of us, and it’s up to all of us to keep pace.”

Paul, who has been helping international firms set up in the UK for the past five years, says the chance to meet up with colleagues from across the world is one of the highlights of the business year.

“It’s a great chance to really get under the skin of what other members are doing and to get a sense of how things are evolving in different territories. Whether that’s what constitutes substantive ownership in Cyprus, business visas in China or banking regs in Mauritius, it all goes towards a better understanding of the issues facing our clients.”