What is a Confirmation Statement in the UK?

The Confirmation Statement in the UK (form CS01) was previously known as the Annual Return (form AR01) – but it also captures other data that must be filed. It is a report containing accurate and up-to-date information about a limited company on a certain date. It is also a requirement for LLP’s (limited liability partnerships) to submit a Confirmation Statement to Companies House. The statements must be submitted at least once, every 12 months.

By submitting the statement, you inform Companies House and and make available to those stakeholders any changes in shareholders, directors and issued share capital.

Completing a confirmation statement

We produce a checklist based on the information we have previously obtained in regards to anti-money laundering and know your client checks. This is summarised, together with the shareholding information and who the directors and company secretary are. The shareholders listed also contain relevant data on the the persons with significant control. The following is also captured on the confirmation statement:

  • Company name
  • Company number
  • Made-up date of the return – date the information must be correct.
  • Registered office address
  • Alternative inspection location (SAIL address), if you use one.
  • Share capital (companies limited by shares only)
  • Officers (directors and company secretary)
  • Members (shareholders, guarantors or LLP members)
  • Persons with significant control (PSC’s)
  • Principal business activities

Company directors are responsible for completing and submitting accurate confirmation statements on time to Companies House. While the director is still ultimately legally responsible for the competing of the confirmation statement, our appointment as company secretary to the UK company means we handle this requirement, and present to the director(s) for signing.

What does “Person with Significant Control” mean?

An individual who has significant control or influence over a company can be a person or legal entity, such as another company or firm. More than one entry could qualify for this.

A minimum of one confirmation statement must be delivered to Companies House every 12 months given at specific dates. Companies House will communicate with you when this is due. You can file as many confirmation statements as you need, but you must have at least 24 hours in between each one.

Filing deadline of the confirmation statement

Confirmation statements are due within 28 days of the anniversary of company formation, or within 28 days of the anniversary of the previous confirmation statement. The ‘made-up date’, is the date the confirmation statement is accurate containing the information above.

It is a criminal offence if you simply fail to deliver a confirmation statement at all – your company could be prosecuted, the director could be held personally liable and removed from office and, in severe cases, your company could be struck off the register.

You can file a confirmation statement any time before its due date, provided the information is accurate and up to date at the made-up date provided. Companies will sometimes file an early return if there has been any changes to their company details, they wish to report to Companies House.

Completing the confirmation statement can be cumbersome if you have no experience of capturing the data. Likewise, there are specific conditions issued by Companies House that must be met relating to the Person’s with Significant Control. For further support, or to engage support, please get in touch.