Why networking is important to Paul Beare

We believe that networking is the key to building strong relationships for our business. Coincidentally, the IR Global London conference is taking place this week. This culminates in accountants and lawyers from numerous jurisdictions worldwide meeting to discuss like-minded matters of cross-border interest.

When meeting face to face with our clients and peers, by sharing as little as a 30-minute conversation we recognise that we can learn far more about you than in a two-hour phone call.

Face-face meetings give us and you a far better understanding of the service our company provides and we can also gauge, having explained a subject, whether you fully understand, or not.

Networking allows the understanding from ones’ facial expressions, if they are interested in your products / services. You can immediately sense from their body language if they are actually paying attention to you or if it’s a waste of time and the conversation is simply an ‘in one ear-out the other’ job. Picking up the phone can connect you to any country within a matter of seconds, but meeting directly with an individual or client can build and strengthen a relationship a lot quicker than any phone call will.

I love to network. This gives you the opportunity to get to know me, my team, as well as our business – this is very important to us.

In the past 6 months we have traveled all over the world to the likes of, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Israel and Boston. We want to create strong relationships with any prospective or existing client as we believe this adds guarantee and confidence to the service we provide.

If you want to start up in the UK and invest in our ever expanding cities, then get in touch. Where ever you are located, we could well be coming to your city next.