Employee Benefits

Tax free annual party

The cost of a staff party or other annual entertainment is generally allowed as a deduction for tax purposes. If you meet the various criteria

incentive rewards

Tax on incentive rewards

Companies may use incentive award schemes to encourage their employees in various ways. For example, to sell more of their own goods and services. The

benefit-in-kind trivial exemption

Tax on trivial benefits

There is a benefit-in-kind (BiK) trivial exemption that applies to small non-cash benefits like a bottle of wine, or a bouquet of flowers given occasionally

Cycle to Work scheme

On your bike tax-free

The Cycle to Work scheme was introduced over 20 years ago to help promote the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport. The scheme allows employers

tax exempt private medical costs

Tax exempt private medical costs

There is no requirement for employers to pay tax and National Insurance on certain health benefits covered by tax concessions or exemptions. For example, there