How we help

The UK remains Europe’s leading destination for companies looking to expand into new markets. The legal, financial and skills infrastructure available to those entering the country have maintained the UK’s position as a growth hub.

We know from experience what it takes to set up in the UK. Some clients return to us, where they move on from one company to the next, and seek to utilise our setup and support services to ensure their UK setup is as smooth as possible.

Our typical client is an overseas company wishing to set up in the UK starting with one or two people. The parent company typically requires a reliable monthly reporting service – UK staff need payroll, banking facilities, expense reimbursement, supplier payments etc. as well as a registered office, and a trusted advisor.  We provide our clients with all this and more; in short, anything they need to run their business in the UK. 

This arrangement means you can trust us to provide the peace of mind and smooth running of the administration of your UK operations. We’re here to help you UK team get on with the real purpose of being here: growing your business successfully.

Whether that means understanding the rules surrounding employing staff in the UK, help with navigating the increasingly complex customs arrangements in the post-Brexit world, or advising on the best way to access the right finance to fuel your company’s growth, we are perfectly situated to help you on every step of your journey from start up to established UK business.

At Paul Beare Ltd we have carved out a niche as the leading player helping overseas owners and start ups to set up and grow in the UK. If you’re in need of advice or support in for your UK growth plans, or any other issue, we’re right here for all your needs. You can contact us for help from tax and payroll to accounting and banking.

We build a relationship with our clients, that means they have someone to deal with, a point of contact, whom they know well. Whom they trust.

Get in touch for us to be your Trusted Advisor in the UK