Our UK banking support for overseas companies comes with our client in mind.

Whether a client needs to setup a UK based bank account, or requires us to help operate their bank account, we can help.

It is also possible to open currency based accounts depending on the countries our clients are transacting with.

We look to understand why a bank account is required, and what sort; whether a ‘real’ bank account, or a designated Client Trust Account (CTA). Both require full anti-money laundering and know your client checks. A real bank account will take around two months (minimum) to open, whereas a CTA can be operational within ten working days.

We can cover all payments from either account to employees, including payroll and HMRC taxes,  along with payments to suppliers and returning of funds to the parent company when required.

A UK based bank account is also required for VAT Registration.

We can either setup and initiate these payments, or setup and clients complete the authorisation for segregation of duties.

We are usually appointed signatories on the UK bank mandates, to process these payments. This is more efficient and enables us to keep costs down and provide that full service support our clients desire.

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