Company Secretarial & Registered Office

Company Secretary for a UK Company.

A company secretary is not a requirement under UK law (except for public companies). However, for practical day to day running of the UK entity that is owned by an overseas parent company, we advise that there should be a UK based company secretary.

The role of a company secretary is to usually act as a chief administrative officer of the company, leaving the directors free to concentrate on running the business. They do not having any binding power; and are there to act on the instructions of the directors and tend to the financial and filing obligations associated with the UK Company.

The company secretary doesn’t necessarily need to be a director (but could be) but they do share some of the directors’ legal responsibilities.

The role of company secretary does not abstain the directors for ensuring the company is operated with how it should be.

However, ultimate responsibility for ensuring the company is properly administered remains with the directors of the UK company.

UK Registered office service.

A registered office is the official address in the UK to where all communications and notices are addressed. The company must have a registered office and this must be a physical location – not a PO Box address.

Paul Beare usually takes this role for the UK companies we act for. With our address as the Registered office (legal, not trading) the roles of Company Secretary and Registered office ensure  official documents from HMRC and Companies House are received and dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

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