We offer a bespoke offering to Australian’s setting up business in the UK. With a proven track record and history of supporting Australian companies setting up in the UK, you can be assured that peace of mind will be given in the setup and ongoing compliance with support that the UK operation will need. Whether that is to the UK personnel engaged to promote and sell your product or services, or the advisory assistance that will be given to the “home country” team who have ‘ownership’ of the UK as part of their job remit. We know doing business internationally differs from your home jurisdiction, and our help is available to ensure you land and expand successfully in the UK.

The initial UK setup.

We support you from the very beginning with advice on legal entities, such as an Australian company setting up in the UK with one or two individuals as shareholders; to a UK subsidiary of an Australian company or a UK branch of an Australian company.

Then we setup a UK based bank account for the entity. Depending on whether there are any Trusts of Ownership with the ultimate beneficial owners, this process can be quite involved. For our clients, we handle this aspect for you, and manage the relationship with the banking partner.

On-going support once established.

As is expected, we also provide professional support for all accounting requirements, whether they are monthly, quarterly, or annual accounts and associated compliance and tax filings.

If you are to have any UK employees, we will register a payroll scheme with HMRC and process the payroll. Usually, employees are paid monthly – and normally on the last working day of the month.

The hassle and stress of UK regulatory compliance is removed by utilising our support services to ensure these matters are dealt with efficiently, resulting in increased time for you to focus on sales for the UK operation so it continues to grow. Leave us to what we’re good at, and we’ll leave you to promoting and selling your service and product offering.

Services we offer.

Startup Advice
Employment contracts
Outsourced UK accounting
VAT registration (GST)
UK Secretarial Services
Legal Structures in the UK
UK Tax Advice

The UK legal system does differ form Australia, we strongly advise you to ensure you are compliant with your HR law for Australian employers in the UK, and that your UK based employees have a contract of employment which you are obligated to provide as the employer under UK law.

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