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Say Kia Ora to the UK!

The UK has naturally been a fond place for Kiwi’s to do business in for many decades.

  • Understanding the UK is reasonably simple – but when trying to establish a bank account for example, this can be a complex area. With UK banking systems not liking Trusts of Ownership, establishing an account can take a considerable amount of time.
  • We acknowledge this and carefully support you through the process – including allowing you to utilise a temporary account attached to our portfolio, until the real account is operational.

We have been working with New Zealand companies setting up in the UK for over a decade. We know the issues that will be ahead of you in your quest for UK setup, and work with you to ensure your business can get up and running in the UK as quickly and smoothly as possible.

From the beginning of your journey, we support you with advice on legal entities, such as subsidiary in the UK or a branch,  opening a bank account, setting up a payroll scheme, and becoming VAT registered.

When your business has grown to a level that you need ongoing support, and more regular assistance, we are on hand for bookkeeping, HR, payroll, monthly or quarterly management accounts.

The burden and frustration of UK regulatory compliance is removed by utilising our support services to ensure these matters are dealt with efficiently, resulting in increased time for you to focus on sales for the UK operation so it continues to grow.

Services we offer.

Startup Advice
Employment contracts
Outsourced UK accounting
VAT registration (GST)
UK Secretarial Services
Legal Structures in the UK
UK Tax Advice

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