South Africa

For South African Companies setting up in the UK marketplace, now has never been a better time with the strength of the Rand behind them.

Setting up in the UK, your company will benefit from that strength by having a UK presence and invoicing in GBP!

Whether you are looking for a light footprint in the UK by setting up an entity, or looking to employ personnel and have a payroll scheme, we can support you.

Some clients want to manage their own accounts on cloud based packages like Xero or Sage, others prefer us to support them entirely and the client remains ‘hands-off’.

Services we offer.

Startup Advice
Employment contracts
Outsourced UK accounting
VAT registration (GST)
UK Secretarial Services
Legal Structures in the UK
UK Tax Advice
The burden and frustration of UK regulatory compliance is removed by utilising our support services to ensure these matters are dealt with efficiently, resulting in increased time for you to focus on sales for the UK operation so it continues to grow whether your UK presence is a ‘light’ operation or there is a payroll scheme with employees on.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can take your South African business to the UK and Europe

Country of origin.