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charity trustees

Charity Trustees Quiz

The Charity Commission has launched the next phase of its trustee campaign which aims to increase charity trustees’ knowledge and drive a positive change in

launching new AI

Help for businesses launching new AI

Organisations across the country will be able to demonstrate that their new artificial intelligence and digital innovations meet regulatory requirements so they can quickly bring

PB Blog - insurance

Safety First

Every business in the UK has an obligation to ensure it carries the necessary insurance. That’s not just to protect your business, but also to…

company director

Are you a company director?

There is more to being appointed a company director than accepting the title. According to Companies House directors formal, statutory duties and responsibilities include: filing an annual

voluntary give-aways

Voluntary “give-aways”

In a recent post we warned of the likely loss of billing opportunities if you give away service advice just to demonstrate how informed you

small business sector firms

The winds of change

A new King, the possibility of a change of government next year, and signs that we may, at last, be emerging from the disruptions created

Less could be more

Less could be more

Is there mileage in the old adage that it is unwise to keep all your eggs in one basket? Most businesses build an expanding customer list;