Start ups get SEIS boost 

The SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) was introduced by the government in 2012 to incentivise investment in start-ups. In return for backing the youngest –…

incentive to invest

Incentive to invest

Next week, 15 March, the Chancellor will deliver his first Spring Budget. It will provide an opportunity to cushion companies from the effects of the

Paul Beare blog - sustainable

The Whole Package 

The UK is leading the world in developing a whole new set of renewable and sustainable technologies that many hope will shape the post-Covid world.  …

crowds in train station

The wisdom of crowds

Since the very first crowdfunded project (a 1996 US tour by the prog rockers Marillion, believe it or not), crowdfunding has grown in popularity and…

Brexit - United Kingdom flag

The end of the beginning

So, at last, after three and half years, one referendum, two general elections and more parliamentary votes than anyone can care to remember, the UK…