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Our clients operate from New Zealand, Australia over to the West Coast of USA. As such, we tend to work on unusual timezones. On the form below, or by email – whichever you prefer.

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If you are looking to setup in the UK, please try and include as much detail as possible about your proposed operation. We appreciate your time is limited, for us to support you appropriately, we need far more knowledge than “please advise how to setup a subsidiary”.

Help is available – we want you to setup your UK operation correctly, efficiently and ensure you are compliant with your duties and obligations. Such information we usually ask to an in-bound UK startup:

  • What will the UK operation actually do/why do you want to setup a UK company
  • What is the proposed shareholding
  • Amount of directors involved
  • Are there to be any employees in the UK
  • Will the UK operation be raising sales invoices, or will it be a marketing operation
  • Do you need banking support ? Please provide an indication of your banking requirements.