HR and Legal

Human Resources (HR).

Managing Human Resources in the UK can have serious consequences if your company is not compliant with UK legislation or supportive of your company strategy. UK HR and employment law can be complex and is subject to subtle and not-so-subtle changes. This is because employment law develops through decisions made in Employment Tribunal cases as well as through Government policy. The UK’s decision to leave the European Union may result in significant changes to employment legislation. As well as ensuring that your company complies with legislation, it is important that all aspects of HR support your company in managing its most important resource – that of your people. HR policies and procedures set the tone of your business and can have a significant effect on employee attraction, engagement and retention. Paul Beare Limited works with you to ensure that your business is successfully established in all aspects, including those related to UK HR law.  Our comprehensive support services include support in the following areas:
  • Ensuring that appropriate checks are in place when recruiting employees
  • Assistance with the preparation of job descriptions, person specifications and drafting advertisements
  • Guidance on advertising channels
  • Support on shortlisting, interviewing and selection
  • Drafting of initial job offer letters and contracts of employment
  • Drafting of employment contracts under UK law
  • Advice on benefits packages and implementation thereof
  • Advice on UK working practices and how these differ from your home territory
Once you are established within the UK, we also support you and your business with:
  • Design and implementation of policies and procedures, including Employee Handbooks
  • Restructuring and redundancy process.
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Supporting you when problems arise, such as grievance and disciplinary matters
Our advice and recommendations are there to support and work with your existing HR department, should you have one, or with your senior management team and can provide advice, guidance and support for all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

Legal Support.

Most overseas companies will need some legal support either for their UK company, or for their UK based employees of an overseas employer.

There are certain areas which we can support our clients generally with. Notably these are:

  • Employment
  • Company
  • Family

Some of these aspects we can support our clients with. There are some however where we cannot. We work with multiple law firms who can be instructed on our clients behalf to handle their UK and international matters.

We also work with your own in-house, or externally appointed legal team to meet the required objectives.

Get in touch for further information on managing your HR function in the UK, or how we can help you with your UK legal support.