Your Team

Glenda Tickle - Head of Operations

Glenda Tickle

Head Of Operations

Wendy Trincas - Head of Client Engagement

Wendy Trincas

Head Of Client Engagement

Kevin Beare

Chartered Accountant

Laura Andrews - Marketing Manager

Laura Andrews

Marketing Manager

Christian Doherty - Content Manager

Christian Doherty

Content Manager

Simon Beardmore - Payroll

Simon Beardmore


Neil Cranfield - Compliance Analyst

Neil Cranfield

Human Resources & Compliance Support Manager

Mike Murphy - Compliance Analyst

Mike Murphy

Compliance Analyst

Ben Perkinson - AML Compliance Officer

Ben Perkinson

AML Compliance Officer

Elaine Sheppard - HR

Elaine Sheppard

HR Consultant

Tammy Powell - Practice Manager

Tammy Powell

Personal Assistant to CEO & Relationship Manager

Afsana Anwar - Accountant

Afsana Anwar


Justine Bennett - Payroll

Justine Bennett


Claire Bailey - Payroll

Clare Bailey


Julie Bauld - Compliance Analyst

Julie Bauld

Compliance Analyst

Monica Tong - Relationship Assistant

Monica Tong

Relationship Assistant

Mitch Crawley - Payroll Implementation

Mitchell Crawley

Payroll Implementation

Natasha Robinson

Natasha Robinson

Project Manager

Beth Lunn - Accountant

Beth Lunn


PB Team - Katherine Evans

Katherine Evans

Commercial Lawyer

Max Shang

Max Shang

Bookkeeper & Payroll Support

Christophe El Gammal

Christophe El Gammal

Business Consultant

We build a relationship with our clients, that means they have someone to deal with, a point of contact, whom they know well. Whom they trust.

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