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Senior Leadership Team

Paul Beare Ltd is a fast growing accounting practice which offers a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, tax, payroll and pensions services to clients in the UK and beyond.

The practice was founded by Paul Beare in 2015 and is now led by Paul and his senior leadership team.
Glenda Tickle - Head of Operations

Glenda Tickle

Head Of Operations

Wendy Trincas - Head of Client Engagement

Wendy Trincas

Head Of Client Engagement

Neil Cranfield - Compliance Analyst

Neil Cranfield

HR & Compliance Support Manager

Christophe El Gammal

Christophe El Gammal

Business Consultant

Kevin Beare

Chartered Accountant

Laura Andrews - Marketing Manager

Laura Andrews

Marketing Manager

Christian Doherty - Content Manager

Christian Doherty

Content Manager

Simon Beardmore - Payroll

Simon Beardmore


Mike Murphy - Compliance Analyst

Mike Murphy

Compliance Analyst

Ben Perkinson - AML Compliance Officer

Ben Perkinson

AML Compliance Officer

Elaine Sheppard - HR

Elaine Sheppard

HR Consultant

Tammy Powell - Practice Manager

Tammy Powell

Personal Assistant to CEO & Relationship Manager

Afsana Anwar - Accountant

Afsana Anwar


Justine Bennett - Payroll

Justine Bennett


Claire Bailey - Payroll

Clare Bailey


Julie Bauld - Compliance Analyst

Julie Bauld

Compliance Analyst

Monica Tong - Relationship Assistant

Monica Tong

Relationship Assistant

Mitch Crawley - Payroll Implementation

Mitchell Crawley

Payroll Implementation

Natasha Robinson

Natasha Robinson

Project Manager

Beth Lunn - Accountant

Beth Lunn


Sue Eustace

Sue Eustace


PB Team - Katherine Evans

Katherine Evans

Commercial Lawyer

Max Shang

Max Shang

Bookkeeper & Payroll Support

Neil Bacheta

Neil Bacheta

Relationship Manager

Jordan Walker

Jordan Walker

Business Visa & Immigration Advisor

We build a relationship with our clients, that means they have someone to deal with, a point of contact, whom they know well. Whom they trust.

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