Global Impact: IR Global Annual Conference

The beautiful city of Barcelona is the venue for the next IR Global conference, set to run from 22nd -25th October 2022. The conference is the latest chance for members of the IR Global network to meet each other in a relaxed venue, swap contacts, insights and tune into the ever changing demands of clients across the world.  

The conference theme for this year will be ‘Shaping the Future’, with a focus on adaptation to this new business landscape. As normal, our annual conference looks to be our largest of the year, welcoming members from across the globe and hosting our bespoke Rising Stars program for the brightest talents from member firms. 

“It’s great to have another IR Global event to look forward to,” says Paul Beare, who has been attending the networking events for over ten years. “It’s a chance to meet and network with old friends and potentially strike up some new connections along the way.” 

The Barcelona event takes place against a backdrop of global economic volatility as the pandemic fades away and conflict still rages in Ukraine. IR Global firms are engaged with clients across the world to provide assurance and advice in a range of areas, from tax and legal to HR and accounting.  

There’s no doubt that many of clients are facing challenging times. And we’re certainly finding our skills being called on in all kinds of ways, from helping with setting up bank accounts to sourcing growth finance. It’s certainly an interesting time to be in professional services, and I’m sure my colleagues will say the same in Barcelona.

The IR Global ethos is simple: by working together, referring work across borders and specialisms, professional advisers are much more likely to bring added value to their clients. The Barcelona event will reinforce this, as firms from across the world share their insights and skills through multiple meetings / breakout sessions in various working groups as well as dedicated meetings for the regional, firm management and workshops on different topics. 

Being part of the IR Global family is a really important part of our business. We’ve grown our practice over the years in large part thanks to the connections we’ve made across the world and it’s vital that we keep that going.

The forthcoming IR Global annual conference will feature a number of breakout sessions designed to offer delegates a chance to take a deeper dive into their particular areas of interest. One of the most intriguing slots is the corporate services stream, hosted by Paul Beare. 

The sessions are broken up into several key areas of concern, including recruitment and ensuring owners and employees achieve the right work/life balance.  

The first session will look at Recruitment and will explore the issues facing firms when hiring and retaining staff.  It will look into whether employees or potential employees are looking for flexibility, employee benefits, personal growth, or a 4-day work week? 

That latter subject will form the core of the discussion in part two, which will combine with members of the Employment Group to look at how the growing interest in a ‘4-day week’ is developing across the world. Members will be able to understand better the drivers behind this, and how it might affect employment contracts. Participants will also reflect on how employers are defining this – hours worked or flexibility? 

Meanwhile, members will help colleagues understand the distinction between an independent contractor and an employee in various jurisdictions and discuss how to ensure the employer isn’t avoiding their obligations to the employee when hiring overseas or independent contractors and whether these obligations are payroll, tax, pension payments, labour law.  

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