UK and International Tax Planning


As advisers to our clients, our objective is to work closely with you, whether you are the internal accountants, or external tax advisors in your home territory to ensure you pay the appropriate amount of tax required by law.

We will help you to understand the tax system in the UK – and make you aware of what is and is not reclaimable as part of preparing your accounts and ensuring your compliance under UK legislation.

Tax planning is best done before the event, so care and consideration should be given prior to undertaking the transaction in the UK.

For our clients that are looking at setting up in the UK and then further afield, we utilise our IR Global network for counter-support. Whether it may be an individual who is looking at domiciliation in a specific jurisdiction or the parent-company legal team approach us for guidance as part of an acquisition they are looking to undertake and wish to have a referral for an appropriate law firm to handle the matter; we can offer support through the network.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements for UK Tax.