International Accountants in London

Every firm of international accountants in London are competitors.

Every firm will register a company, register for VAT, payroll and provide on-going support and compliance.

Over the years there have been specific names that come up time and time again –competing for the same type of work – foreign direct investment (FDI).

FDI is the classification of overseas based companies who are looking to setup in the UK, or who are already operating in the UK and are overseas owned.

For those companies that are looking for support by international accountants in London, the following are highly regarded, and we see repeatedly when competing for potential client work (listed in no-particular order):

  • F&L (Fitzgerald & Law)
  • Blick Rothenberg (BRAL)
  • Oury Clark
  • Littlejohn

Of course, there are others; and there is also every firm of high-street accountants.

However, the firms listed above specifically target FDI clients, and are geared up for support and servicing these types of clients. They provide the right support, time, knowledge and guidance to those overseas companies looking to setup in the UK.

Further, they are international accountants based in London. Some may outsource certain aspects of the support functions to home-counties based offices, but they all have accounting personnel based in London and the UK.

When we conduct business development trips overseas, and speak with introducers, whether it be consulates and embassy’s, or other accounting or legal companies, those listed above are also known to operate within the same multiplier groups. This is particularly important to note when speaking with third-party support/knowledge base, as overseas companies need the right care to ensure their UK setup and operation is maintained with the right volume and maintenance it needs to truly be successful.

Why are we listing these companies? There are a lot of rogue companies who claim to be able to support the needs of overseas companies in the UK. However, some either outsource to another country, or only have a small appetite for the FDI work.

We want to ensure whoever your chosen provider is, your UK business is looked after appropriately – after all, there is enough work out there for all.