IR Global Amsterdam 2019 – see you there!

This October will see the latest IR Global conference, this year hosted in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. Paul Beare and the team will be in attendance, raring to go. We’ve had an exciting year so far: new clients, new challenges, new opportunities. 

The UK team has grown, adding to our ability to help our clients in their journey to success and growth in the UK. We’ve racked up the air miles reaching out to new markets, and put in countless hours working with clients to solve any problems they face. 

And our work within the IR Global community has also strengthened, to include a new role for Paul himself.  

The theme 

The theme of the conference this year is ‘storytelling’ 

Every business has, at its heart, a story to tell. Whether it’s a tale of triumphing over adversity, growing as a business into something new, or discovering the key to doing something better, faster or more efficiently, we all have a story to tell. 

So this year, the conference will focus on how stories can help you help your clients understand and run their businesses better, and how your own narrative can feed into that. At Paul Beare Ltd, we see our clients as the hero in the story – they’re the ones taking the leap of faith and writing a new and exciting chapter in their business, and we’re only too happy to help them on their journey. From advising on the right initial structures to adapting to the business’s changing needs, we are there wherever the story leads.  

As for us, our story is still being written. Beginning as a small regional practice, then growing into one of the country’s leading specialists in helping companies from all over the world set up and thrive in the UK, the story has a long way to run. There will be excitement and tension along the way, but we’re sure we’ll be meeting a lot of interesting people along the way – starting in Amsterdam in October.  

IR Member to Member referral 

Over the previous 12 months, the working relationship and cross referrals among IR members has been a central part of our clients’ success. 

For example, we recently helped a Luxembourg–headquartered client with their expansion into the USA and then back to Ireland. That process was made easier by reaching out to the local IR member to make sure the right compliance was put in place at the right time.  

About us 

Our core business centres on helping overseas companies to set up and operate in the UK. That covers everything from entity formation and registration, through key milestones like opening the necessary bank accounts, to providing on-going support across a variety of functions.  

Paul is an active member of the Global IR group and in addition to acting as co-head of the IR Global Corporate Services group now also serves as a co-head of the Ethics Committee. You can find further information on how we can help you or your clients business expansion into the UK by to getting in touch with us.