Paul Hosts London Tech Week Pre-trip Briefing

Organisers of London Tech Week are this week holding a pre-trip briefing in Auckland for delegates to prepare for what promises to be a game changing event.  

The event takes place Thursday 2 June at 4:00pm -and will include a panel discussion hosted by Paul Beare that aims to explain the challenges and opportunities for overseas businesses setting up in the UK.  

Now based largely in Auckland, Paul’s expertise in helping businesses from all over the world navigate the set-up phase in the UK is second to none, and he’ll be talking to two of his most successful clients at the event.  

“It’s a great honour to be speaking at the event,” says Paul. “It’s also really exciting to bring along two of our clients to help delegates understand the typical process that they’ll experience getting set up in the UK.” 

Because while the UK remains a very business-friendly place, it does have its own business rules and culture that can sometimes come as a surprise to those arriving from overseas.  

“We’ve seen lots of clients -from NZ and elsewhere – arrive in the UK and find that they might have underestimated the amount of compliance they need to adjust to,” Paul says.  

“Banking, accounting, tax and employment laws are all there to help businesses and they are necessary and helpful aspects of business, but they can time consuming to navigate. We’ve worked with lots of clients down the years to help them set up their businesses without spending too much time on regulation, making sure they have enough time to really focus on growing in the UK.” 

“So I’m sure our on stage discussion will cover all the major questions – and a few more besides!”  

Paul Beare Ltd works with clients of all sizes across a range of sectors, and delivers vital support in areas from payroll and tax to banking, company secretarial and pensions. The firm also acts an provider of outsourced accounting services via the cloud.   

The event – which takes place at NZTE, 139 Quay Street, Auckland CBD will also hear from Mark Debenham, Director Tech & Services, NZTE as well as the UK Government’s Department for International Trade’s Director of Trade and Investment for New Zealand, Sharron Drew. In addition, Ele Quigan, Global Director of Strategy is to present on behalf of Kea and Yvonne Gill, Strategic Programme Director, will also present on behalf of NZTech Alliance.  

London Tech Week is a landmark event that is set to welcome speakers and delegates from across the world. Running from June 13th-17th, it aims to bring together some of the smartest and most interesting entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and consultants in what remains the world’s financial capital.