Paul Beare back in Auckland | Helping kiwi company’s fly to the UK

Thinking of taking your business to the world stage? Start with the UK. Paul Beare will be back in New Zealand in April 2018, helping more Kiwi Company’s setup in the UK.

With so many reasons to pick the UK to base your European operation, it is crucial to engage expert advice.

We’re also co-running an event with the Department of International Trade Auckland for those companies looking to gather information about setting up in the UK.


We’ve been there, done that – seen it all before – seen companies take the advice, then try to do it on their own, and return to us to unwind the errors made. Granted, if you have experience in setting up entities overseas then you’ll be aware that every country is different and be receptive to a ‘different way of working’ and taking expert advice

We not only guide clients on the different types of entity available – usually either a subsidiary (a UK limited company) or an Overseas Company (a branch) are the two main options, but also support the entity on an on-going basis from an in-house finance team perspective. UK VAT registration procedures, auditing requirements, and local employment laws are usually somewhere close on the discussion list, as is the need to open a UK bank account. We act effectively as your one-stop shop solution to support your UK activities.

Opening a bank account takes around 8 weeks (proof of identity checks can usually take months), and we provide a temporary bank account with our portfolio of accounts until the real account is operational so your UK team members can receive their pay – the right amount of pay without unnecessary foreign bank charges! Opening a UK bank account is where the most frustration can occur. Should you wish to discuss the setup or on-going compliance issues of your UK entity or attend the event please, get in touch.