Paul Beare Ltd heads to IR Global Miami

If it’s January then it must be time for the latest IR Global ‘On the Road’ event, and the first 2020 engagement takes place in Miami. And Paul Beare will be there, as his globetrotting reaches new heights.  

“The Miami event is a really well timed one,” Paul says, who is currently in New Zealand. “It marks the start of what should be a really busy year not just for us as PB Ltd but also the wider IR Global network.” 

Bringing the world to the UK 

Paul will shortly leave his base down under, where he has been meeting a range of companies interested in taking the leap to set up in the UK. “The meetings and workshops we’ve attended in both New Zealand and Australia have been really encouraging – the number of companies keen to begin their UK journey is growing all the time, so helping them with advice and contacts has been a really rewarding experience.  

From Auckland, Paul will make the short trip to Doha, followed by Copenhagen, Helsinki and New York before arriving in Miami in time for the event.  

IR Global Miami Image

An international gathering 

As IR Global returns to Miami for the first time since 2013, delegates will be able to take in the usual mix of panel sessions, keynotes and of course the allimportant socializing and networking events that take place across the four days of the conference.  

“These events are so vital in maintaining our presence in a range of markets across the world,” says Paul, who will be available on for those attending. “I’m really excited to hear about new opportunities, and how advisers across the world are helping their clients with challenges ranging from technology to compliance, tax concerns to diversity and inclusion.” 

More details on the event can be found here.

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