Setting Up In The UK: Business Culture 

We like to highlight to clients the importance of culture when considering to set up overseas. The UK business culture is more formal than other countries such as Australia – for example, a ‘smart casual’ business attire would generally consist of a suit or jacket with an open shirt. A formal ‘business attire’ would include the use of a necktie. 

Different Time Zones 

The time zone of operating an overseas company can be a challenge. This may be nine hours, 11 hours, or 13 hours dependent where you are based in Australia or New Zealand. The time difference really needs to be taken into consideration. For example, when talking to a UK team member or supplier, it might be the first thing in the morning for them and they may be slightly frayed after commuting on the London Underground. However, as always empathy works both ways!  


Generally, the UK think the Australian and New Zealand language is heart-warming. People want to hear your journey and story so share it with them.  

There is one bit of advice we would give when it comes to language. There can often be two meanings to what you are saying. For example, talking about thongs in the UK has a very different meaning to that of the word used in Australia!  

For further information regarding setting up in the UK see our Australian section  or New Zealand section or please do get in touch.