Setting Up In The UK: Plans For Growth  

Plans for growth overseas is an exciting time for companies and is when you should lean on your global networks for support. Paul Beare recently spoke at the UK Department for International Trade, based in Melbourne, where he explained the importance of nurturing your network.  

Networks and Professional Advisors 

There are a number of providers that can offer support, from government-backed bodies, Scottish development to the Department of International Trade. All of which can provide wonderful support to your company. Instructing a professional advisor brings another level of support.  

“Many clients still don’t believe me after speaking with me a second time. They will try to set up overseas for the third time, won’t be successful, and will then call us back and instruct us (or another firm) and go again,” says Paul.  

Leaning on your networks and resources available is so important when placing your plans for growth together. Paul Beare Ltd has worked with the Department of International Trade in Australia and Auckland for more than a decade and knows the importance of this relationship.  

Paul is also an important member of the IR Global, a network consisting of the world’s leading legal, accountancy, and financial advisors recommended exclusively by jurisdiction and practice area. Paul has been a member for over 7 years and uses the IR Global support network for clients when they are using their UK company to expand further into Europe and beyond. Read more about Paul’s involvement with IR Global here 

Find out more about the services we offer for setting up in the UK here and please do get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.