Setting Up In The UK: Trusted Advisor  

Our advice when setting up your business in the UK would be to firstly, choose a trusted advisor. This person can help you research the UK and European markets.  

Doing business in the UK is a wholly different challenge compared to doing business in your home country. The best way to succeed is to harness the local knowledge and experience necessary to guide you to success by avoiding pitfalls. 

On many occasions, Paul Beare acts as a trusted advisor to many overseas companies. We act as a company secretary for our clients, with our address as the Register office. This is the case with OpenPay in the UK and Paul Beare Ltd offers a nominal directorship service as well. While this is not mandatory, we advise this role when there are no UK based directors, or when trying to open a bank account for example.  

There are many companies that can provide this service and further support and guidance can be gained from the Department of International Trade 

For further support on how we can support your UK market entry, please do get in touch. 

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