How to find the best support for expansion overseas

One of the biggest steps in a company’s growth journey is expansion overseas into international markets. An expansion overseas requires the support and expertise of numerous advisors, agencies, and investors.

There are a number of factors that a company should consider when expanding overseas:

  • Time Zone – working across time zones can pose challenges when trying to schedule meetings.
  • Language – the language you speak may not be their first language of the new marketplace.
  • Culture – avoid misunderstandings and familiarise yourself with the culture.
  • Legalities – HR and laws may not be the same laws that you are used to. Do some legal research before you start doing business in the new country.
  • Payment – understand the currency differences ahead of time.
  • Communication – research what communication/meeting tools you can put in place to keep in contact with colleagues.

Once the above considerations have been taken into account, there is the bigger question of who can support your business. Doing business in the UK is a different challenge compared to doing business in your home country. The best way to succeed is to harness the local knowledge and experience necessary to guide you to success by avoiding pitfalls.

When inbound UK start-ups, look to enter the UK marketplace they often turn to us for support for expansion overseas in a number of areas. There are typical functions an overseas company needs to set up and succeed in the UK. Some will not be required on day one, however, most can only be arranged after the entity has been set up and registered with Companies House.

Firstly, we provide pre-advice to clients looking to expand overseas to the UK. Our local knowledge and experience can help start-ups through the setup process including advice on the types of legal entities available. Read our case study on Hedgebook to find out how we helped them establish a UK entity.

Secondly, we provide ongoing support to ensure that all UK taxes and legal compliance are understood, ranging from payroll and employment contracts, through to VAT and legal secretary services.

We act as the client’s Trusted Advisor giving them peace of mind when it comes to the UK company activities when setting up in the UK.

If you’re in need of advice or support in this or any other area, Paul Beare Ltd is right here for all your needs. You can contact us for help from tax and payroll to accounting and banking. If you would like to discuss how we can assist, please get in touch.