Taking off in the UK: The rise of the Fintech

The future of banking has never been more exciting: the rise of the Fintech across the world means that for many businesses and individuals, the way they use their bank will change forever. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the fintech sector has become one of the world’s fastest-growing areas of commerce.   

“It’s a real fact growing market at the moment, and the UK is leading the way,” says Paul Beare, who is working with a number of fintech firms as they make headway into the UK market. “Certainly it’s a great place to set up as a fintech since the skills, investment and networks are all here. It also helps that regulatory changes, like Open Banking, are also paving the way for real growth.  

Globally, the picture is clear: fintechs are here to stay. Investment in the Fintech sector has grown in significance in recent years, with the value of the investment in Fintech companies amounted to approximately 112 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, which was a record high for the sector. The annual value of global venture capital investment in Fintech companies is increasing and doubled between 2017 and 2018. 

With that in mind, one of the world’s fintech hotspots is hosting an exciting event this month that promises to put the spotlight on some of the world’s most interesting fintech companies. And Paul Beare will be there, along with other distinguished speakers, to help guide delegates through the opportunities the UK offers.   

This event, held in Auckland, NZ, on March 23 at 5pm, will launch the report ‘FinTech Future’, which outlines the opportunities in the fintech sector for greater cross-border trade and investment between the UK and New Zealand. It is aimed at technology and financial service businesses who are looking to build relationships between the UK and New Zealand, and those in the public sector with an interest in trade, technology, and financial services. 

The session will cover political developments in the UK, the key findings of the report, practical tips on how to set up in the UK, and the panel’s experiences of operating in this market.  

Paul’s fellow speakers will include the Lord Mayor of London as well as several high profile New Zealand fintech companies. “We’re really looking forward to the event because it’s a great chance to not only network with fellow companies but also for us to help out those businesses that see the UK as their next destination for growth.  

“I’m hoping to answer any questions they might have on company formation, the UK’s regulatory environment, what to expect in the market and anything else they want to know.” 

For those interested, more details on the event can be found here