1. Choose a trusted advisor

Choose a trusted advisor to help you research the UK and European market as opportunities can be a minefield. In order to make sure you are getting the most appropriate advice, you need to talk to the right people. Ask yourself if they are a UK national or someone with experience of working in or with the UK? Do they understand the UK market? Are they able to advise on general business matters, as well as employment contracts, culture and tax.

So often these choices are predicated on an ad hoc basis, by talking to someone who knows someone who might help. Sometimes no help is requested, nor thought about. Yet key to a smooth entry into the UK, and ongoing success could well stem from having someone independent to help advise on a variety of aspects from a local perspective. Doing business in the UK is a whole different challenge compared to doing business in your home country. The best way to succeed is to harness the local knowledge and experience necessary to guide you to success by avoiding pitfalls.

We act as Company Secretary for our clients, with our address as the Registered Office. While this is not mandatory, we strongly advise this role is utilised especially when there are no UK based directors, or when trying to open a bank account for example.

For further support and guidance, the UK has a Department of International Trade with support around the globe.