Monica Tong

Relationship Assistant

Role at Paul Beare Ltd

Relationship Assistant.

I support Glenda and the wider team with client onboarding processes, conduct active market research on current offerings so we can advise our clients with the best solution.

Past experience:

I worked in corporate banking for 10 years offering international trade, merger & acquisition, cash flow solutions, leveraged finance, property development & construction finance to businesses across a wide variety of industries before I took a detour to study ceramic art.

Benefits of working at PB Ltd?

Autonomy and great team ethic. I enjoy working with international clients and learning from different cultures and industries. Having the flexibility to work on-demand gives me the freedom to produce my own art.

What are the values that drive you?

Passion, curiosity and can-do attitude.

What are your top 2 favourite podcasts/books?

Art is Poison, Road to Heaven (by Bill Porter). 

Name your two favourite places in London and why?

Victoria and Albert Museum and Battersea Park.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Working with clay, painting, reading and writing.

  • Secret Talent

    Singing and acting in a Netflix series.

  • Bucket List Item

    Write and publish my own book.

  • Top City to Visit

    All cities I have visited have their very own beauty, but I would recommend my hometown Nanjing.

We build a relationship with our clients, that means they have someone to deal with, a point of contact, whom they know well. Whom they trust.

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